Education Programs

At Amrita Farms, we believe that education and experience are the true path to empowerment. We have devoted ourselves and our work to community enrichment through agri-science education and working with Nature. We offer courses that fit all stages of learning, from K-12 to experienced professionals. Join us and see for yourself how empowering individuals through community based solutions is creating a new generation of nature minded problem solvers.

k-12 Education

Through embracing the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) platform on a working organic farm, we offer students and teachers an unforgettable experience in whole systems learning. For more information and to schedule a Future Farm experience for your students, please email: [email protected]

Adult Education Programs

With awareness of sustainability and our impact on planet Earth rising, many people are looking for ways to train and skill themselves towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Amrita farms offers numerous sustainability courses in a variety of disciplines – permaculture food systems, renewable energy, bee keeping, natural building, compost making and much more. Please consider joining us on this journey to wholeness, as our experienced teachers lead hands on courses designed to give you a strong foundation towards nature’s path. Check our Events Calendar for the latest offerings in adult sustainability education.

Academic Research Residency

Over the course of 3 months, researchers dove head and hands first into agro-ecological systems thinking and design. As part of their residency, participants completed their 72 hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC), earning their certification. Residents also completed farm integrated research projects, on topics ranging from permaculture apple orchards to meditation in K-12 Schools. Their final projects can be viewed here.

The bar was set high, and we look forward to welcoming our newest group of research residents

Education Programs Education Programs Education Programs